Complex physical phenomenon makes work environment fresher and cleaner.

Ionization is a physical phenomenon. It occurs, for example, during lightning or friction that generates static electricity. In short, ionization changes the electrical charge of a dust particle. As a result, the dust particles bind to water molecules in the air. They become heavy and fall, with dust and all, to the ground. This physical process effectively removes dust particles from the air.

At Freshlight we have managed to add the technology of ionization to a lamp. This has resulted in a very practical and affordable solution for purifying the air in every situation and in every workplace. In many countries, this technology is also used in hospitals and operating rooms. Bacteria, viruses and fungi are also bound to water by ionization and disappear on the ground. In the process of ionization, these so-called pathogens are also rendered harmless by changing the electrical charge. People with allergies also benefit from ionization. The clean air generally results in fewer lung problems.

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