Pure light in healthcare


Light and hygiene are of vital importance in healthcare. Freshlight lamps continuously purify medical and nursing environments thanks to ionization. The technology reduces (fine) dust, odor and pathogens (bacteria and viruses) in the air. The result is a cleaner environment, in which healthcare providers and patients are less susceptible to contamination. The natural daylight lighting also ensures that patients and clients feel more comfortable and healthier.

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Hospital and Nursing Care Solutions

Freshlight's lamps are suitable for various lighting systems and are easy to install in existing fixtures and installations. They are now widely used in hospitals, clinics, care and nursing homes. An investment in Freshlight lamps is eligible for the Energy Investment Deduction (EIA) and possibly for the Vamil scheme. We are also happy to advise you on this.


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light in care
light in care
light in care
light in care