freshlight catering industry

Hygiene and optimal view during preparation

Hygiene is a top priority in the production, storage and processing of foodstuffs and in the catering industry.

Freshlight's daylight lamps provide optimal lighting and the color-true display of ingredients and products.

Thanks to the ionization, dust, bacteria and viruses are removed from the air. The ideal solution for production sites,

kitchens and other places where food is handled.

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Solutions for food production and catering

With ionization, the Freshlight lamps purify kitchens and production and processing plants 24/7 from (fine) dust, odor, bacteria and viruses. The result is a minimum of 30-50% reduction. The daylight lamps are very economical, Dekra certified and have a long life.


chef productive in freshlight lamps
chef comfortable in the rustic lighting of freshlight
storage in freshlight lighting