More productivity in the office

More productivity in the office

A whole day at work under artificial light, in a workplace environment full of equipment and dust.
That hardly encourages great performance. Freshlight brings in daylight and that gives employees extra energy.
In addition to producing vitamin D, natural light makes us feel healthier and more comfortable.
This leads to a better atmosphere and more productivity. And thanks to ionization less dust, bacteria and viruses.
The air is cleaner and that leads to less absenteeism.

Solutions for your workplace environment

Freshlight's lamps are suitable for various lighting systems and are easy to install in existing fixtures and installations. The daylight lighting fits in with a balanced health and safety policy. An investment in Freshlight lamps is eligible for the Energy Investment Deduction (EIA) and possibly for the Vamil scheme. We are also happy to advise you on this.


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clean lighting in the office
productive at the office with freshlight
create an atmosphere of collaboration with the lamps from freshlight
clean lighting in the office