Pure daylight for every industry and every application.


Freshlight is frequently used in agricultural companies. For dairy farmers, poultry farms, pig breeders, goat and sheep farmers and horse stables at home and abroad, Freshlight has proven that pure daylight and ionization have a demonstrably positive effect on the living environment, health and welfare of the animals. The farmers are happy to tell more about it themselves.

Food & hospitality

Hygiene is a top priority in food production and in the hospitality industry. The daylight lamps from Freshlight ensure optimum lighting and color-fast reproduction of ingredients and products. Thanks to the ionization, dust, mold, bacteria and viruses are removed from the air. The ideal solution for production sites, kitchens and other places where food is used.

Office & Workshop

We work many hours a day at the office or in business, industrial or educational settings. Traditional artificial light is exhausting. By contrast, the daylight lighting from FRESHLIGHT products gives employees extra energy. Natural light helps us feel more alert, healthier and more pleasant. Full Spectrum lighting with UV A and B is used by the body to create vitamin D and improves the immune system. This leads to a better atmosphere and more productivity. And thanks to ionization, cognitive processes are improved, and the indoor air contains less dust, mold, bacteria and viruses. Cleaner air leads to healthier, happy people, and less absenteeism.

Horticulture & Greenhouse

Freshlight lighting provides an optimal growth climate for flowers, plants and vegetables. FRESHLIGHT Grow Lights are the most powerful LED Grow lights in the industry, providing 200 lm/watt and 2.7 μmol. FRESHLIGHT products produce minimal heat, eliminating the need for cooling the air and reducing operating cost. Freshlight’s negative ion technology cleans the air of dust, bacteria, mold, mildew and viruses. The combination of natural daylight and ionization leads to faster growth and better quality of the crops. In addition, working in greenhouses and growing environments is considerably more pleasant and healthier. Less particulate matter and other harmful air particles plus perfect and colorfast vision.


Parking garages do not usually excel in environmental friendliness. Scientific research from the Eindhoven University of Technology shows that ionization can significantly reduce air pollution in and around the parking garage. Freshlight combines that with daylight lighting. This increases air quality, increases visibility considerably and increases safety considerably.


A fresh school is a school building with low energy consumption and a healthy indoor environment when it comes to air quality, temperature, comfort, light and sound. That is the policy intention of the government. Freshlight has been putting this into practice for years. For students, teachers, employees and visitors of a large number of schools, Freshlight helps to create a better working and learning environment. Daylight lighting and ionization ensure more concentration, less absenteeism, dropout and a pleasant and clean atmosphere.

Medical & assisted living

Thanks to ionization, Freshlight lamps purify medical environments 24/7 from (fine) dust, mold, odor and pathogens (bacteria and viruses). Full Spectrum lighting with UV A and B is used by the body to create vitamin D and improves the immune system. The result is an environment where caregivers and patients are less susceptible to infection. Natural daylight lighting with no flicker, also ensures that workers, patients and clients feel better and healthier.

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