Greenhouses and Horticulture

Perfect growing

Freshlight Grow Light products delivers Full Spectrum lighting, mimicking sunlight with UV A & B and Infrared light waves undetectable to the naked eye. Cutting edge LED technology produces high Lumen/PAR/ 2.7 μmol, but very low heat. Can be combined with Freshlight’s negative ion technology to clean the air of dust, bacteria, mold, mildew, viruses and control the spread of fungi such as Botrytis, and Fusarium. Like True Sun Light, Freshlight products provide Full Spectrum light with no flicker (continuous light), which means you get twice as much light, less stress and improved nutrient absorption. The combination of natural daylight and ionization leads to faster growth and better quality of the crops. In addition, working in greenhouses and growing environments is considerably more pleasant and healthier. Less particulate matter and other harmful air particles plus perfect and colorfast vision. Do you want to know what solutions Freshlight has for your company? Please contact us.


Solutions for greenhouses and horticulture

Freshlight provides better photosynthesis with Full Spectrum lighting. Ionization ensures healthy leaves through strong reduction of fine dust and elimination of viruses, fungi and bacteria. In addition, a major advantage of using Freshlight LED lighting is that you can achieve significant energy savings. Freshlight Grow Light products produce extremely low heat which is safer for plants and will save money on the cost of AC.


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Technical aspects

  • IP67 dust and spray-proof luminaire
  • Light output of 1,999-19,990 lumen (10-100 watts)

  • Ionization of 5 million to 50 million ions per m² per m² floor surface
  • Heavy quality, impact-resistant plastic
  • Easy installation thanks to internal wiring and customized cabling
  • Control via climate computer possible with multi-dimmer.
  • Certification: Dekra, UL, SGS
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