Fresh and safe parking garages

Parking garages are not exactly champions of environmental friendliness. In the garage itself, but also in the wider area, the concentrated emissions of nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and particulate matter have a major impact on air quality. With its ionization technology, Freshlight helps reduce exposure to air pollution in parking garages. Combined with the 98% natural daylight lighting, this results in better air quality, more visibility and increased safety for a parking garage in one go.


Solutions for environmentally friendly parking

Parking garages are located in crowded/ high traffic areas. The air quality has to do with the concentration of traffic movements in and around the garage. Ionization technology is a targeted and cost-efficient method to purify the indoor air around parking garages. Bright clear lighting makes for a safer environment. All of FRESHLIGHT products are highly efficient and long lasting. Call now to learn which of our products is right for your business.


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Technical aspects

  • IP67 dust and spray-proof luminaire
  • Light output of 1400-14000 lumen (10-100 watts)
  • Ionization of 5 million to 50 million ions per m² per m² floor surface
  • Heavy quality, impact-resistant plastic
  • Easy installation thanks to internal wiring and customized cabling
  • Control via climate computer possible with multi-dimmer.
  • Certification: Dekra, UL, SGS
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