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More productivity in the office

Working all day under artificial light, in a workplace full of electrical equipment and dust can cause stress leading to lower employee performance. Positive ions are created by electrical equipment, AC units, combustion, synthetic materials etc. Disease can also be carried on particles of dust and spread throughout a working environment putting workers at risk. Negative ions knock down dust particles, removing the mechanism that carries germs through the air. Freshlight brings daylight into your office environment and gives employees a more energetic feeling. Full Spectrum Lighting assist the body in producing vitamin D, and leaves employees with a healthier, more pleasant feeling. This leads to a better atmosphere and more productivity. And thanks to ionization, less dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses. The air is cleaner and that leads to less absenteeism.


Solutions for your workplace environment

The Freshlight lamps are suitable for various lighting systems and can be easily installed in existing luminaries and/or installed in various configurations. The daylight lighting fits in with a balanced health and safety policy. Call us to learn how we can improve your working environment.


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Technical aspects

  • IP67 dust and spray-proof luminaire
  • Light output of 1400-14000 lumen (10-100 watts)
  • Ionization of 5 million to 50 million ions per m² per m² floor surface
  • Heavy quality, impact-resistant plastic
  • Easy installation thanks to internal wiring and customized cabling
  • Control via climate computer possible with multi-dimmer.
  • Certification: Dekra, UL, SGS
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