Better light output, 75% less energy consumption

Sept. 2, 2021


“We asked various suppliers to make a proposal for the new lighting in the hangar. Freshlight jumped out. We had a good feeling about the proposal and the light output and energy savings claims were promising. Those promises all turn out to be true; we are very satisfied with the result.”

Martijn Verboom is a technician at aircraft maintenance company International Aviation Support at Teuge Airport. He was given the internal assignment to research better lighting in the hangar. It is about 60 by 20 meters in size and was previously lit with gas discharge lamps. Martijn: “I have made a thorough comparison between the various proposals from suppliers. We were not only concerned with the improved light output, but also with the energy consumption. The lighting here is on all day, from 8 a.m. to at least half past five in the afternoon.”


“Freshlight convinced on both counts. We now need much less wattage – the energy savings amount to over 75%. LED is of course more energy-efficient anyway, but Freshlight's lighting goes a step further. The light output is also considerably higher.” In total, the gas discharge lamps and fixtures at 24 light points in the hangar were replaced by Freshlight lamps. Freshlight lighting also came into the office. International Aviation Support is a leading aircraft maintenance and service company. It is located at Teuge Airport and was founded in 2014, but before that it had been active under other names for the aircraft industry since 1981.


“The initial investment at Freshlight is admittedly slightly larger,” says Martijn. “But you also see that you quickly recouped the costs. Compared to the gas discharge lamps, the payback period is just under three years. If I compare it with the other providers, then after a little more than a year and a half, I am already more favorably with Freshlight. And then you save on costs. If you do the math, you arrive at Freshlight.”

“We are very satisfied with the result. Colleagues certainly appreciate the better lighting in the hangar, which is of course very important in this technical work. As a company, we are also pleased with the significant reduction in power consumption. In addition, the collaboration with Freshlight is pleasant. The lines are short, the expertise is great. As far as we are concerned, Freshlight is an absolute must.”