Pure daylight in chiropractic practice

Sept. 11, 2020

Pure daylight in chiropractic practice


“With Freshlight's LED lighting, you bring in daylight. That feels good and that works well. In addition, we save considerably on energy costs.” Geert de Vries is the chiropractor at Chiropractie4Life in Apeldoorn. Since 2005, he has been helping people improve their health with chiropractic care.

“I always get excited when people are excited themselves. The enthusiasm of the people at Freshlight and the knowledge about lighting (and ionization) convinced me to choose LED lighting from Freshlight. And we are very happy with that choice.”

In De Vries' practice, all lamps were replaced by Freshlight's LED lighting. “We need a little less points of light, we have gone from 33 to 29 points. In addition, there used to be two lamps per light point, now only one. The wattage has thus been reduced by more than a quarter and the light output has increased.” Another difference: the transformers of the old LED lamps became very hot. “We have now lost that.”

Environmental profit and investment deduction

“It is a fairly manageable investment. In addition, the investment is eligible for investment deduction. Freshlight lighting is an environmentally friendly technique, so you can apply for the Environmental Investment Allowance (MIA) and the Random Depreciation of Environmental Investments (Vamil).”

“Our clients are generally enthusiastic about the new lighting. Some still took some getting used to. They thought the lighting was very 'white'. I understand that, because it is a difference with the old lamps, which spread a lot of diffuse light. My employees are very enthusiastic. They find it calmer on their eyes and say that it works much more pleasantly.”

Natural light gives energy

Natural daylight gives energy, that has been known for centuries. Light is of course important for seeing and working well, but also has an influence on physical and mental health. Natural daylight or sunlight consists of all the colors of the rainbow. As a result, we see sharply and colors are true to life. Artificial light as we are used to at work and at home contains only a few colors from the spectrum. Freshlight's LED lighting provides over 99% natural daylight. That means more contrast and lifelike colors plus all the health benefits of natural daylight.

“Chiropractic is an important part of a healthy lifestyle,” says De Vries. “We help people to move as naturally as possible again. Being closer to nature is good and healthy for everyone. With this lighting you bring a piece of nature back inside, as it were.” De Vries was mainly triggered by the benefits of the natural light of the Freshlight lamps. He sees the ionization as a nice by-catch: “Cleaner air is of course always good!”

“I am very satisfied with the lighting and with the collaboration with Freshlight. We have better light and we all feel more comfortable because of it. This will undoubtedly result in significant savings on energy costs. I don't know exactly how much yet, we still don't have enough lamps for that. But apart from the lower costs, I also only see benefits: we are making environmental gains and we feel better.”