Ionizing lamps: less failure thanks to better stable climate water

Nov. 2, 2021


Five years ago, De Werdt built a new barn for its 3,500 fattening pigs. He buys the piglets. Health did not go as planned. The piglets had lung problems and stunted growth. “The climate in the loft was the main reason for me to contact Freshlight. I had heard of the ionizing lamps and wanted to see to what extent we could actually reduce particulate matter and ammonia.” According to De Werdt, the promises were fulfilled. The climate in the department with the ionizing lamps improved noticeably. “Previously, it was often dull in the department. The climate in the barn was especially difficult when the weather was very variable. Now the climate is dry and fresh. A strong improvement for humans and animals.”

De Werdt had initially replaced the existing lighting purely for ionization in the hope of a better climate. “This also changed the lighting itself. We got a nice bright light instead. A bad climate in the barn in itself causes problems, such as reduced activity and lung problems. Everything hangs together. Under good conditions, the pigs are more vital and healthier, so that they also absorb feed more efficiently and therefore grow better.”

Over the financial year, the pig farmer from Brabant notes that the results have improved considerably. Ionizing lamps: since the new lamps were introduced. The dropout rate dropped by more than one percent, from three to below two. “That is very positive. That while we haven't changed anything else. They are the same piglets, the same feed, only there are different lamps. I hadn't imagined that this would have such an effect. It is a significant investment, but it puts it in a completely different perspective when you consider what it will bring us all.”

The Freshlight lamps hang in one shed. In the meantime, De Werdt is considering expanding. “Due to the new nitrogen requirements, the other stables will have to be adapted in due course. Then the ionizing lamps will certainly be installed. I don't have to think about it for long, I dare."