Pure water and clean air in the stables thanks to Ionization

Nov. 4, 2020

Pure water and clean air in the stables thanks to Ionization

Sjouke Elzinga, dairy farmer in Onderdendam in North Groningen, has also seen the international test reports from Freshwater. “But I just look at practice, what happens here in the stables. The water in the drinking troughs is clean and the animals feel good.”

The Freshwater water devizers structure and ionize the water. As a result, the water is continuously purified and the absorption of oxygen, minerals and nutrients is increased. The effectiveness of this technology has been demonstrated in scientific studies. “Nowadays, I get compliments from, for example, the feed advisor and the vet about the health of my calves,” says Sjouke. “That will probably have to do with several factors, but I know the water devizer is one of them.”


“I like simple solutions to difficult problems. The Freshwater water devizer is an example of this. You can easily install it in the water pipe and from that moment on the water is purified. I now see no more residue in the drinking troughs and I notice that the animals benefit from it. And so am I.”

As far as Sjouke is concerned, the same applies to the Freshlight LED daylight lamps with ionization. He had them installed in his stables about four years ago. Thanks to ionization, the air in the environment is continuously purified. “It has been a lot cooler in the barn since then. It smells and feels cleaner. I have not taken any measurements, but it is clear to me that the lamps improve the indoor climate. A few lamps sit on a white wall in the parlor and around it is all dirt. These substances are therefore no longer in the air. The lamps are also pleasant for us. It works better with daylight and you notice that the atmosphere in the stables has improved since I installed them.”


The advantage of the Freshlight lamps is that they are energy efficient. For a farmer who operates as sustainably as Sjouke, this is a pleasant side effect. Sjouke Elzinga has 170 dairy cows and 120 young stock. Among other things, it generates its own electricity and keeps its environmental impact as low as possible.

“With both the Freshlight lighting and the Freshwater water devizers, I notice that people can sometimes be skeptical about it. They believe that major challenges, such as reducing ammonia emissions, can only be met with complex and expensive solutions. The Freshlight lamps with ionization require a relatively small investment, are easy to install and are – demonstrably – effective. Just like the water devizer: a simple solution with a beautiful result. I think that if Freshlight's ionization technology were used in all barns, the ammonia problem in the Netherlands would be a lot smaller.”