Reduce particulate matter, choose Freshlight

May 11, 2017

Reduce particulate matter, choose Freshlight


In order to comply with the Low-Emission Housing Decree, you, as a poultry or pig farmer, must invest in a technology for a new barn that reduces the emission of ammonia and particulate matter. In practice, this sometimes proves difficult, because the choice of techniques is not that large, the alderman of the municipality of Barneveld recently told Pluimveeweb.

FreshLight offers the solution in the form of ionizing lamps with full spectrum daylight. Ionization purifies the air from ammonia and fine dust particles and from pathogens and in this way contributes to an improved stable climate. Clean air contributes to the health of the animals. This means that FreshLight's products are on the RAV list for fine dust reduction.

This means that not only can the Decree on low-emission housing be met, but it also results in healthier and more vital animals, lower antibiotic use, lower feed conversion and less loss or rejection.

Your benefits:

  • 1.Cleaner air for animals and humans
  • 2.Calm, vital animals
  • 3.Lower infection pressure, lower antibiotic use
  • 4.Higher production, lower feed conversion
  • 5.More job satisfaction and higher returns