Control study in dental clinics

Control study in dental clinics

Control study in dental clinics on disseminated particles, bacteria and viruses originated from dental procedures

Hospitals and dental clinics are rarely visited sites as long as there is no problem. These are potentially dissemination spots for infections. All air cleaning applications have been developed to release clean and filtered air from outside to inside. But it is not possible to clean internal pathogens with these applications. Freshlight at this point involves in to the process and increases internal air quality. Purifies, potentially airborne transmitted dust, pollens, particle aerosols and pathogens from our breath way. Dt. "Özge Dönerkaya, working in a private dentist clinic, stated that We are working so closely to the patients and their teeth during our procedures and we are using pressurized water and pressurized air (with tiny aerosol particles). Our mouths host millions of benign and malign bacteria. These germs are consequently spreading around in our environment. We are wearing masks but we take them off after the procedures. Meanwhile particles in the air and water drops, start circulating around and we inhale them in. To assist me with this issue, I have contact Freshlight people and invited them to my clinic . After I have explained them about my problems, they have delivered a ready to be installed system in a short while to my clinic. Now I have taken my precautions for the health problems of my patients and myself. Now I know that germs are not circulating around my room. Our environment is more hygienic and smells way better. I recommend this to all my colleagues and want to thank to Freshlight". Freshlight provides hygienic places; less pathogens, less odor and dust.

Freshlight ionizes particles and aerosols in the air and prevent their dissemination in the environment. There are millions of receptors on a dust particle or water drop and bacteria, viruses or fungi that are attached to these receptors travel in our environment floating around. You can easy detect their movements in sunlight penetrating trough your office window. This is really irritating especially for those sensitive or allergic to fine dust and pollens. Quattros developed by Freshlight ionized the air producing 120 million negative ions per second. Ionized particles rapidly fall to the ground and frees your breath way. With the help of Freshlight, you can provide a hygienic environment, less dissemination of diseases, an environment with less particles (dust and aerosol drops) and a constant fragrance.

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