RVO adjusts lumen standard on precursor Freshlight

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) follows the forerunner in the LED lighting market every year. FreshlightAgri was the only one to be able to produce 120.7 lumens / watt last year (2016). This while most competitors were at an average of around 112 lumens / watt. Now that RVO has adjusted its requirement accordingly, we are naturally one step higher with FreshlightAgri. FreshlightAgri now produces at least 135 lumens / watt. This entitles you to tax benefits with our products.

The advantage of complying with the RVO requirement is that the energy investment allowance (EIA) may be provided. This tax arrangement is intended for entrepreneurs who purchase a product with the correct product requirements. With a purchase value of at least € 2,500, the EIA allows you to deduct 55% of the investment costs from the taxable profit of your company. Please note: since 2017 there has been a ceiling of a maximum of € 25 per 1000 Lumen for products that fall under product category 210506.

Report your investment on time to the digital eLoket from RVO. You can ask your accountant for tailor-made advice, because RVO sometimes adjusts the rules.

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