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The structuring and ionization of water happens in nature when water splashes down a waterfall or along a mountain wall. By flowing past rocks, water absorbs energy and absorbs mineral frequencies. By structuring and ionizing water, the charge of water molecules is converted with the result that water is broken down into smaller units. This allows water to absorb more oxygen, minerals and nutrients. Plants, animals and people benefit from increased hydration and more efficient absorption of nutrients. High-energy, highly oxygenated water inhibits the growth of pathogens and reduces pathogen pressure. Structured water has been extensively studied worldwide by Dr. Pollack, author of the book “The Fourth Phase of Water”. FreshWater ionizes your water. With the latest ionization technology, humans, animals and plants can benefit from the advantages of “structured and actively ionized water”, an investment that pays for itself within a year. “Structured” water promotes the bioavailability of nutrients and at the same time inhibits the pathogenic pressure.
Gestructureerd water


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  • Ionized water is broken down into smaller units so that water can absorb more oxygen, nutrients and minerals.

  • The smaller units make it easier for humans, animals and plants to absorb nutrients and minerals.

  • Higher production and lower scrap.

  • With one water ionizer per supply point you purify the water in the entire greenhouse

  • Ideal for growing plants according to the hydroponics principle

  • Thanks to ionization, the water is richer in oxygen (200%) and fungi and bacteria don't get a chance

  • Less plant diseases, faster growth, higher production

  • Available in four versions: from 2,000 to 10,000 liters per hour
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