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About Freshlight

Freshlight is a pioneer and market leader in 'full spectrum' daylight lamps with ionization. We have been successful worldwide for years in industries and markets where light and air quality are important. Such as in the agricultural sector, where Freshlight is now being used by a large number of dairy farmers, poultry farms, pig farmers, horse breeders and stable owners. Healthcare institutions, schools and offices are also increasingly opting for a combination of natural daylight and air purification.

In addition, the horticulture and parking industry have also discovered Freshlight's solution and products. Naturally, private households are also switching to beauty, freshness and daylight. The daylight lighting and ionization technology were developed in-house by Freshlight and combined in one lamp. Freshlight lamps are sold worldwide. It has now been scientifically proven that ionization eliminates (fine) dust, bacteria, viruses and other harmful air particles and thus improves air quality. In addition, the 'full spectrum' daylight lamps produce 99% natural daylight. This contributes to the well-being, energy level and health of humans and animals. Freshlight has been awarded several times for its innovative technology.

About ionization

Ionization is a physical phenomenon. It occurs, for example, during lightning or friction that generates static electricity. In short, ionization changes the electrical charge of a dust particle.

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About daylight

Natuurlijk daglicht geeft energie. Licht is uiteraard belangrijk om goed te kunnen zien, maar beïnvloedt ook hart en bloedvaten, zorgt voor de aanmaak van vitamine D en verbetert het immuunsysteem.

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Pure daylight for every industry and every application.