We have visibly less particulate matter in the chick houses


Broiler farmer Wim Beltman from Lettele, Overijssel, owns two companies, where he keeps a total of 400,000 broilers, including 80,000 free-range chickens. He built two new stables for the latter, in which he had Freshlight LED lighting and ionization lamps installed. Beltman: “We have visibly less particulate matter in the stables. Such a barn is 112 meters long; if I'm in the front, I can see the back wall well. In the past I would have had to ventilate a lot for that. An additional advantage is that I don't have to heat the stables as much. Heat accumulates in the ridge. Because the dust settles, the heat also pulls down more. In addition, the electricity costs are lower. The lamps are installed within a day, energy costs drop immediately.” Beltman calculated that the emissions of particulate matter and ammonia will be reduced by 30 percent and those of coarse dust by even 40 percent. “Moreover, it offers advantages in the barn so that you yourself are also less bothered by (fine) dust and ammonia. Unlike an air washer.”