Ionizing lighting receives RAV Recognition

Feb. 26, 2020

Ionizing lighting receives RAV Recognition



The product has been part of Freshlight B.V.'s range of ionizing lighting for some time. The purification of ammonia, dust, odors and pathogens is a technique in which the company distinguishes itself and is unique. The result is a better air climate for the poultry, but also for the farmer. The lamp delivers 180 to 204 lumens per Watt. “It is therefore also an extra energy-efficient lamp”, says owner Aad van der Starre.

The HDT is the most recent development. “The lamp has an IP-65 inflam ammable polycarbonate housing. The ionizers are placed in the back of the housing, making the product very durable and long-lasting. The polycarbonate is certified by TUV Rheinland and all lamps meet the LM79 certification performed by SGS. The light is made with detachable tubes or these tubes have a small interchangeable driver. This is to make maximum use of the circular economy.”

Although the process for the RAV list for the ionizing lamp is a lengthy process, Van der Starre does have high expectations of the recognition. He even states that a fifty percent increase in poultry is possible in the coming years. “Of course we have to be careful, but if you consider that for the average broiler house you calculate between six and seven thousand euros for new lighting, the ionization costs no more than 3000 to 3,500 euros. Particulate matter reduction is an obligation for existing and new barns to be built. Ultimately, the farmer will opt for the most economical solution.”

According to Van der Starre, a major advantage of the HDT light system is that you immediately meet the mandatory reduction of thirty percent. “Wageningen University and Research has reported a reduction of 41 percent after measurements. Considering the investment, a high score.” Due to the initiative of the Gelderse Vallei, led by Jan Workamp (PTC), the measurements have been carried out over the past two years and the reports have been produced. “We are the most economical with our HDT light systems in combination with ionization. This makes us unique in the market. In addition to good lamps, you also buy an air scrubber for the stable. This system is not an end-of-pipe solution. We are also unique with the 204 lumens per Watt. The more lumens, the cheaper the energy consumption. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency even states that we are the standard setter. We are proud of that. In addition, we see a technically better result in the stables completed. This is due to less viral and pathogen pressure and cleaner air.” Thousands of lamps are now hanging in Dutch stables. Freshlight is already thinking about the next step. Van der Starre is now working on applying the same ionization technique in the water. This is because of the deteriorating water quality. The first pilot projects are more than encouraging. Van der Starre: “Our mission is light, air and water.”