Better growth and feed conversion

May 4, 2020

Better growth and feed conversion


Erik van Veldhuisen from Renswoude is a poultry farmer who loves his chickens. He gives his chicks plenty of space and takes good care of them. “That is better for the chicken and better for the consumer.” He tries to keep the entire chain, from breeding to sale, as small and sustainable as possible and sells his chicks with the Beter Leven quality mark directly to customers in the area. “I would like to have the customers in my yard. I want to show where their chicken meat comes from and how we take care of the animals.” Erik has been keeping 25,000 slow-growing free-range broilers since March 2015, the company can be followed on

Excellent growth and feed conversion

“I came into contact with Freshlight through a colleague. I was informed about the Freshwater water devizers and that sounded very interesting. Water is such an important part of keeping chicks. More than 200,000 liters of water pass through the barn. If the water is bad and impure, you will notice this immediately in the growth. Good water is better for the health and growth of the chickens, it leads to a better feed conversion.”

All the water in the barn now enters through the Freshwater water devizer. Erik: “I have now had two couples completely on this water and the results are definitely good. This couple – that is 25,000 chickens – has done very well. Now I'm in the third pair and here too I see improvements compared to before. Thanks to the ionization of the water, for example, there is much less caking in the pipe. You can see that almost immediately. It is perhaps too early to speak of a structural success, but it looks very good. The results are excellent in growth and feed conversion.”

Structured and ionized water

The Freshwater water devizers structure and ionize the water. This continuously purifies the water and increases the absorption of oxygen, minerals and nutrients. Plants, animals and people benefit from increased hydration, which leads to more efficient absorption of nutrients. High-energy, highly oxygenated water inhibits the growth of pathogens and reduces pathogen pressure. The positive effect of Freshwater water devizers has been scientifically proven. For more information, visit the waterpage of Freshlight