Goats and sheeps


With ionization, Freshlight's daylight lamps purify the stable 24/7 from ammonia, (fine) dust, odor, bacteria and viruses. The air in the barn is cleaner, humans and animals breathe more easily.

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The switch to Freshlight delivers immediate results. Measurements show that a minimum of 30% ammonia reduction occurs. According to goat farmers, the living environment of the goats is considerably better. “The goats are calmer and feel good. The fur of the goats also looks nicer. The loss of weaker animals is considerably less. It is also more pleasant for the farmer to work, one of the best investments we have made.”

The barn climate is also a topical issue for sheep farmers. Freshlight immediately helps to reduce particulate matter concentrations. In the relatively short term, the use of antibiotics can be reduced. According to sheep farmers, Freshlight not only provides a lot of pleasant light to work in. They also report—and metrics show that—improved growth and less to no cough.

  • IP67 dust and spray-proof luminaire

  • Light output of 1400-14000 lumens (10-100 watts)

  • Ionization of 5 million to 50 million ions per second per m² stable surface

  • Heavy quality plastic. As a result (and due to ionization) virtually insensitive to ammonia

  • Easy mounting due to internal wiring and custom cabling

  • Control by climate computer possible with multi-dimmer

  • Dekra-certified
goats and sheeps