This bear is sure to be your child's new best friend! In addition to looking very sweet, it protects your child from bacteria, viruses, dust particles and fungi floating in the air. This is possible due to the physical phenomenon of ionization.

How does that work, ionization?

The IonBear carries negative ion with it. Negative ion is the negative oxygen ion in the air. It is a type of air particle that is common in the natural environment.

Respirable particles are often floating in the air that are harmful to health. This includes pollutants and exhaust gases. These harmful substances usually carry positive electrodes with them.

In short, ionization changes the electrical charge of, for example, a dust particle. As a result, the dust particles bind to water molecules in the air. They become heavy and fall, with dust and all, to the ground. This physical process effectively removes dust particles from the air, making the air cleaner.

The IonBear, the perfect companion!
The IonBear, the perfect companion!

Better for your child's health

Bacteria, viruses and fungi are bound to water molecules by ionization and therefore also disappear on the ground. During this process, these bacteria, viruses and fungi are also rendered harmless so that they no longer affect the health of your child. The process is completely safe. It is ideal for children with allergies or lung problems. However, children without health problems also benefit from it.